Launched in 2014, Nōtan brings together creative people with more than 6 years of experience in digital and graphic design. We help companies and startups to bring their business to life or to take the next step. 

During the years we worked with companies big and small from all around the world from many different industries like finance, sport, automotive, business, fashion and helped them build products which look and work great and which fulfill their users' needs.

Our aim is to make friends because only with friends you can build the best products and services while having fun.


We could talk about how we do our research, we wireframe, designing and ship products, we could also illustrate it with some nice icons, but we don't do that. Because every project is different they usually need different processes as well, therefore we work together with our clients from the very beginning and create a process which best fit both, the project and client's needs, and which helps us achieve the best result.


Information Architecture

Content Strategy

UX/UI Design for mobile and web applications

Web Design


Graphic and print design

Icons and Illustrations


Jozsef Deak - Founder and Creative Director

Csaba Hodgyai - Founder and Designer

Based on the project we collaborate with different designers and development agencies to fit the project's needs.